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Joshua & Sonia : Knotting Hill Place // Little Elm Wedding // DFW Wedding Photographer

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Every now then you meet one those people with a magnetic personality. They're passionate about life, they love without abandon, and they're authentically themselves in every encounter-- it's really something to be admired. That's exactly who our bride Sonia is; from the first phone call she's felt like a family member I've known my whole life. She was able to communicate her exact needs, nailed all the details, and we were able to have plenty of laughs along our journey to wedding day (even though a few came at the expense of my Eagles losing to her Cowboys). Our groom, Josh is the calm in her storm of love, affection and energy. He's really a cool dude...he has this quiet confidence about him, and just watching his interactions with Sonia -- it's written all over his face that he just wants to love, honor, protect, and provide for his woman for the rest of their lives. Speaking as a guy with sisters, he's literally the type of guy want knocking at your door .

Their wedding took place at the majestic Knotting Hill Place , an expansive and captivating venue befitting a charismatic couple, which served as the perfect backdrop to this story book romance. From the Swarovski-adorned shoes and sequined bridesmaids dresses to the sparkling chandeliers and sweeping staircases, each detail of Sonia and Josh's wedding was perfectly matched to this picturesque venue. Enjoy these photos, depicting a fairy tale beginning for the new Mr. and Mrs. Allow yourselves to fall in love and be inspired by The Blalocks.


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